The adventure begins…

The adventure begins…

This past school year marked the beginning of my journey into educational technology. It was my  third year teaching in the primary grades, and suddenly, I found myself…bored! Our daily and monthly routine was getting a little blah, and even though my students participated, I can’t say there was a whole lot of buy-in. I was longing for something to really bring my lessons, and my students, back to life.

Enter: Lakeshore Learning’s interactive whiteboard games. Let’s call this my toe-dip into the water of technology- very basic, but enough to get me hooked. Even though we were exploring the same content as always, suddenly my students were engaged and thrilled about learning it.

From there, I began exploring even more apps and devices to liven up learning. From GoNoodle and Seesaw learning journals to iPads and codeable robots, I’m on the hunt for anything that engages students and fosters learning. This blog is the diary of my adventures into educational technology (also known as “edtech”) and the life it has brought back to my classroom. I hope my successes (and sometimes failures) inspire you to venture out and try something new too!


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