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1 My Class is a Dance Party! – The Elementary Geek

My Class is a Dance Party!

One of my absolute favorite tech tools is GoNoodle! My kindergartners have more wiggles in their bodies than I can handle, so GoNoodle has become my savior for providing plenty of movement breaks throughout day. And did I mention, it’s totally FREE?!?

Here’s how it works…

  • Create a class at using your email address.
  • Have your class choose a champ to exercise with. They will grow stronger with your class as they complete brain breaks.
  • Pick a brain break from the main page or find on by channel or category.
  • After every brain break, your champ will gain 1 point. Every 10 points,  your champ will grow bigger (and maybe even gain an extra arm or a few more eyeballs!) This reward system keeps kids motivated and engaged. They love to see what the champ will turn into next!
    Just a few of the adorable champs to choose from!

    Just a few of the adorable champs to choose from!

Help your champ grow!

Help your champ grow!


The first time you log in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many brain breaks to choose from and new ones are getting added every week! To help you navigate, I listed a few of my favorites below, along with the name of the GoNoodle channel where you’ll find them.


*Pop See Ko– Koo Koo Kangaroo – Pop See KoThis one is an absolute must! It will get your energy levels up and have your students singing the rest of the day!

*Rainbow Breath– Flow – Great calming activity for after PE or recess.

*Around the Town– Maximo – Who The Maxarena!doesn’t love a little yoga with a monkey? This is a great activity to get students up and moving without too much silliness.

*The Maxarena– Maximo – A twist on the 90’s favorite. My students may not know what the real macarena is, but boy do they love this brain break!

When deciding which break to use, keep in mind your student’s personalities. Through trial and error, I learned that something silly, like the Awesome Sauce channel, was great when my students were antsy…but would also leave them with a serious case of the sillies. (These are now reserved solely for Friday afternoons…) I also learned that even though yoga is calming for kids, the Empower channel yoga was too difficult for my little ones. Instead, we take our stretch breaks with Mr. Catman or Maximo.

I encourage you to play around and find what brain breaks work best for you. Even better, create a demo class. This way you’ll be able to test out videos on your own time, instead of in front of your students. Also, by testing them in a demo class instead of your real class, you won’t level up your class champ without them. There’s nothing my students hate more than when their teacher GoNoodles without them. 😉

Also, since GoNoodle is constantly adding new features and brain breaks, I encourage you to join the community and keep updated with their blog. I love all the printables, tutorials, and helpful tips that they share. There are tons of ideas on how to make GoNoodle work for you and your students, no matter what grade you teach!

Have fun and happy GoNoodling!





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