Integrating Tech for Back-to-School

Getting back into the groove each August is one of the most challenging things for me. It seems like everything is due at the same time and my to-do list is never-ending!!

In addition to teaching my kinders basic routines and procedures of the classroom, I am also trying to integrate tech procedures into the mix. This includes everything from how to hold the iPad to how to launch and use a specific app. To help simplify this process for both myself and my coworkers, I created a basic beginning of the year lesson plan for getting students started with the Seesaw app and our iPads. And now, I’d like to share it with you too!!

Let’s start with the basics: I begin every year (and also revisit after long breaks) by reviewing our iPad handling procedures. I do this using this Prezi I created. {Just click the link and you can use it too!} It’s simple enough for my young learners, but covers our most important rules in enough depth to get the point across.

ipad prezi

After the presentation, I then move into the actual tech lesson. The goal this year was to take something I always do at the beginning of the school year and have students post it into Seesaw. {You can learn more about Seesaw here!} So, I took my annual “August Self Portrait” activity and, after students drew themselves, taught them how to photograph and post their work for parents in Seesaw. They had a BLAST taking photos and recording their voice to introduce themselves!

Once I showed the posts to parents at Open House, they were just as excited. It’s been a great feeling to have both parents and students equally excited about their back to school experience thus far. While I would love to take all the credit for making this time of year magical, I know that the wonder of tech has played a huge part too. 🙂

To get my “Back to School with Seesaw” lesson plan and resources FOR FREE, click here. I designed this for grades K-2 but it can definitely be adapted and used with any elementary classroom.

seesaw boy 1 seesaw boy 2

Here’s 2 examples of the activities included in the lesson plan. I used the self-portrait frame for my kinders. The “About Me” Paragraph activity can be used with students 1st through 5th grade. 

I hope you and your students have a fantastic Back-to-School this year! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.





  1. Lea Anne

    20 February

    Love this idea! I already do the self-portrait. I just need to teach my students how to use Seesaw. I was at your training today and got some great ideas. Your prezi presentation will be very helpful too! Thanks!

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