8 Ways to use Pic Collage

Pic Collage Kids has become one of my favorite apps in the classroom. This is something that I discovered a while back for personal use {I was jealous of all the cute photo collages I saw on Instagram…} but once I saw the opportunities for use in the classroom, I was in love!

Oh and the best part? It’s totally free!!

I put together a list of 8 of my favorite ways to use Pic Collage with my students. While I do teach kindergarten, many of these activities can be adapted and used for any grade level.

**Also, as a quick note. You’ll notice that I use the “kids” version of the app in the classroom. The original version of Pic Collage is similar, yet the kids version has NO ADS . Also, the in-app purchases are pretty well-hidden, making it much safer for student use.  You can find it in the App Store here.

1. Beginning Sounds-This is one of my favorite beginning of the year activities. I give students a Letter of the Day and an alphabet book. They then look through the book finding and snapping pictures of objects that start with that letter. One of our more recent collages focused on the letter F. Students typed the letter, then inserted two photos using the camera feature in the app.


2. Ways to Show a Number- This is another great beginning of the year activity. Students work with a partner to build and take pictures of various ways to show a number. They then add all of these images to one collage, just like the ones shown below for the number 3.


3. Shape Hunt – This is an activity I have always done with my kinders, but in the past, students recorded their found shapes in math journals. This presents its own set of challenges as young ones struggle to make what they see match what they try to draw. To remedy this and integrate some tech, students now use Pic Collage to document and label the shapes they find on their hunt.


4. Things I Can Write About This is something that I would love to do as a homework assignment rather than an in-class project. All my young writers go through the same struggle when we first begin writing- “Miss Kopka! I don’t know what to write about!” To remedy this, you could have families create a Pic Collage together of that child’s favorite people/toys/books/pets, etc. Then, in class, the child could reference the collage whenever they get “stuck” and need a little writing inspiration.

5. Graphic Organizers Two options for this one. 1: you (the teacher) can use Pic Collage to create digital worksheets and organizers for your students to fill out. 2: Have your students use your organizer as a background for their collage. Then, they can import pictures from the photo library or search features to fill in the boxes.


6. Sounding Out/Spelling Words Blogger Technically It’s Kinder has an amazing resource for this. You can find it here in her TPT store, or invent an activity of your own! Personally, I love the print-and-go nature of her lessons and this one makes a great literacy center activity. Students sound out the word on their own, type it using the text feature, and then search for a picture in the app to illustrate it.


I’ve also used Pic Collage as a means to assess rhyming words. I provide students with the starter word (in this example, it was “bat”) and students have to come up with 3 or more words that rhyme with it for their collage.


7. Vocabulary Have students type in a new vocabulary word and then search for images to illustrate it. For older students, you could also have them type a sentence that uses the word correctly in context. This allows students to create meaning for the word a variety of ways and showcase their learning creatively.

8. As an actual Pic Collage. Let’s be honest, all parents love to see adorable photos of their children doing fun things at school. I like to make a quick little Pic Collage after our in-class holiday celebrations and then share them out with parents using Seesaw. This gives parents a quick snapshot of your day and and also gives you the ability to showcase lots of students’ photos in one small little rectangle.


So as you can see, Pic Collage can be used for virtually anything! Pair that with the fact that it is incredibly easy for the students to use once they get started and you have a tech favorite in the making. Feel free to try out one of my ideas, or come up with a few of your own this year. It doesn’t matter how you get started as long as you do…and you have fun doing it!

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