PicCollage Kids + Literacy Centers

PicCollage Kids + Literacy Centers

PicCollage Kids has quickly become my favorite all-purpose app to use in the classroom!! It’s easy for my students to use, encourages creativity, and can be used with virtually any topic or content area. We’ve used the app regularly for the past few months {check out my other PicCollage post here}, so by now, most of my students are creating collages independently. Because of this, I decided to start incorporating PicCollage into my literacy center rotation.

Students working on their word sort collages

Right now, we’re focusing on beginning blends, so I created a PicCollage word sort center focused on our blends of the week {sh, th, wh, etc…} I wrote out 5-8 words on index cards for the students to read and use in their collages. They typed each word, searched for a picture to match it, and organized them by their blend {This part has been the most challenging so far}. And then, as we do with all our digital creations, students posted their finished products into their Seesaw journals!

When I created the directions {download them here}, I included pictures of the buttons students would need to click to complete the task. It may be late in the year, but reading full sentences is still not easy for most of my class!! I also introduced this center by modeling the process to the whole group and creating a model PicCollage that is displayed alongside the directions. And, of course, there are always those students who will still struggle a bit, so I usually enlist some of my “student experts” to help out when I’m with a reading group. 🙂

{*Note to self: Clown was probably not the best “cl-” word. Why are there so many scary clowns???}

There’s still some tweaking to be done, but overall, I’m impressed with the finished products! They’re getting better at identifying blends and are learning to read new words! Even if they can’t read the word at first, once they type it into the search bar, they’re instantly shown lots of images illustrating its meaning. It’s SO powerful when students can take control of their own learning like that!

To download directions for my PicCollage Word Sort Center, click here

Have you tried using PicCollage Kids in any of your literacy centers? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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