Seesaw + Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop is one of my favorite parts of literacy block. I love the format, the mini-lessons, and the quiet time dedicated to improving writing skills. But beyond the teacher-directed parts of this, I have found the final component, Sharing and Author’s Chair, to be the most rewarding for students. This is the time when students share their successes of the day with their peers. I love seeing their confidence grow as their peers provide positive feedback and seeing them emulate their friend’s successes the next day in workshop. Author’s chair gives my students a voice and a platform to model learning for their peers.

That being said, after a while the same old sharing circle can get, well…, old! This is where Seesaw comes in. Rather than always having just 1 or 2 students sit in the rocking chair to read their writing, 3-5 students would post their work into Seesaw instead. This year, during Writer’s Workshop, students would use our iPads  during writing time to record their finished writing pieces as part of the “publishing” phase of writing {we only have 5 on hand in our classroom, so you don’t need to be 1:1 to make this happen!}. Because their parents and peers would be seeing their work now thanks to Seesaw, students are not only more self-reflective on their writing, they’re also more motivated to do their best work.

Students viewing, liking, and commenting on their classmate’s work.

As a class, we would then view their work on our Smart Board OR students could look at their classmate’s work during literacy centers to give them “likes” and comments. Thanks to Seesaw, parents are now also part of this sharing routine! Any approved post in Seesaw is automatically pushed out to that student’s parents via Seesaw as well. Talk about creating an authentic audience for students!!

With Seesaw, ALL students have a voice. From the shyest student in the back of the room to the most struggling writer who frustrates putting pencil to paper to the English Language Learner who is reluctant to speak in front of the class, all are able to tell their stories through Seesaw. A student can draw a picture on paper, photograph it, and then use the microphone feature to orally share the story with others. And bonus! Because it is posted in Seesaw, that student’s friends, parents, and teacher can return to that student’s work again and again for feedback, modeling, and eventually, assessing purposes.

{Seesaw helped this student express himself in the easiest way for him- orally- rather than holding him back because of his difficulty writing words independently.}

I have seen growth in my students this year beyond that of any other year teaching kindergarten. Thanks to Seesaw, my kindergarten students are more thoughtful in their writing, more motivated to publish, and more confident about their skills than ever before. It’s never to late in the school year to get started, and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking to liven up their Writer’s Workshop!


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