Sustainability – Key Issues Day 2

Sustainability – Key Issues Day 2

Hard to believe it, but I think Day 2 was even more jam-packed than Day 1! Today was more classroom-based as we worked through hands-on science labs, engineering design projects, poetry activities, and listened to a guest speaker from forest management.

Our day started off with defining the “3 E’s” of Sustainability– Environment. Economics. Social Equity. Each of these 3 things plays a huge role in determining how sustainable something is and how effective it will be long term. These areas are also key when deciding which solution is best for addressing an environmental issue. This is something I am SO excited to take back to my students because these can be applied to literally any issue we study! I’m all for multi-use teaching strategies. We even used these concepts to create a few Sustainability Limericks!

From here, we moved on to the most challenging…and most rewarding part of today- the Tram Building Challenge! We were presented with the task of creating a tram system between two ski resort towns of Colorado, and doing so in the most cost-effective, environmentally-conscious, and tourism-friendly way. This challenge is a great example of how Project-Based Learning can work in a classroom and how engaging it truly is. While it will take some adapting for my elementary students, the overall concept is totally applicable to any grade level!

Testing our final design

In preparation for tomorrow’s water quality experiment, we also went through a brief lab to illustrate the concept of Parts Per Million today. We gradually diluted the red solution on the left, mixing in one drop of the red solution with 10 drops of plain old water. The more diluted the solution became, the less pigmented the color was. This was definitely outside of my kindergarten comfort zone but what an awesome way to illustrate this concept for students!

Just like yesterday, we wrapped up tonight with a little sightseeing. This time, a group of us took the free, (yes you heard me FREE) city transit out to Breckenridge, CO for dinner and shopping. The best word I can think of to describe this area would be “quaint”. It was peaceful, homey, and of course, scenic. We had some of the best burgers ever at Empire Burger and bought all sorts of touristy things.

On the agenda for tomorrow….water sampling at the river and a mine tour!! Can’t wait to share the next phase of the adventure with you! And in case you missed my Day 1 recap, click here!


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