New Seesaw Feature! – Activities

New Seesaw Feature! – Activities

Seesaw continues to be my favorite app in the classroom, not only because of its never-ending list of uses, but also because of how absolutely amazing their team is. As an ambassador, I get to see a little more behind-the-scenes than the average user. And I am always blown away by how interested they are in how Seesaw is working for teachers and by how eager they are to hear about what they can do to make it better for students. Which is why I am over the moon excited about the release of their newest feature- Activities! It’s something that many of us have been hoping for and others of us never knew we wanted, but now know won’t be able to live without. 🙂

How does the Activity feature work?

-From the new Activities tab, you can select an activity from Seesaw’s library or create one of your own!
-Push the activity out to your whole class OR just to a few specific students to differentiate instruction
-Tag the Activity with Folders and Skills for streamlined organization and grading
-View all student responses in one place for easy assessing, commenting, and approving.

First Impressions

In one word- AMAZING! Seesaw is one of the best multi-purpose tech tools out there, and Activities now makes it even easier for me to provide direction for student posts and assess the work students have completed in Seesaw. Now, instead of constantly printing out paper copies of directions or creating templates that students would Copy and Edit, I can instead push out an assignment with all of that in one handy little place.

In just 3 days since updating my Seesaw app, I’ve already created 3 new Activities to share with my students this week. And what I love even more, Seesaw has already loaded activities into their library ready to be shared with your students AND they are grade-level specific!

Activities in Action

The very first Activity I shared with my class was the Fall Drawing one from the Seesaw Activity Library. It tied in perfectly with what we’ve been studying the past few weeks and allowed me to assess if they really know what Fall looks like. 🙂

This coming week, I’m already planning to assess counting 1-10 with an Activity I created. What ideas do you have for this new feature? Share them in the comments below!


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