Getting & Using QR Codes for Seesaw Items

Getting & Using QR Codes for Seesaw Items

Ok ok, I know I talk about Seesaw ALOT, but it has seriously revolutionized my digital classroom. Their easy-to-use creation tools and kid-friendly app design make this a must for any teacher working towards a paperless classroom or flipped learning. I cannot say enough good things about it!! (But if you’re new to Seesaw, learn the basics here)

On to today’s topic… using those super handy Item QR Codes. What is a QR code, you ask? It works a lot like a barcode in a store, but when it’s scanned with a mobile device, it will take you to some kind of digital content. QR codes can link to websites, images, audio files, contact info, and more. In this case, we’ll be using QR codes to help students and parents view a student’s work in Seesaw.

How To Find the Item’s QR Code in Seesaw

First, select the item you want to get the QR code for. You can either view it in the feed, or click on the item to open it in a separate window.

Option 1: Click on the 3 little dots in the bottom right corner. This will open up the options menu for that post. Click the one that says “Get Item QR Code”.

Then, in a new window, a QR code image will pop-up (make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off!). From here, I copy and paste the image into a PowerPoint or Word doc and then print them all out.

These are great to use when you want to make your Work Wall or Bulletin Board more interactive. I just glue the printed QR codes onto projects that my students have animated/recorded in Seesaw, like this Turkey Project we animated using ChatterPix. Then whoever walks by our hallway can scan the QR code with their phone and view the student’s work online.

Option 2: Click those 3 dots under the item again, but this time, choose “Print”. (Again, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.)

This will open up a new window with a PDF file showing the student’s name, an image of the item, the date, and the QR code to the item in the bottom right corner. From here, you can easily print off this page and hang it on your bulletin board or send it home with students.

I LOVE using this feature for gallery walks in my classroom. I’ll often print out 1 item from every student in my class, post them around the classroom, and then have students use their iPad to scan the QR code and view their classmates’ work. Since the post opens up within Seesaw, they also have the option to like or comment once they’ve viewed it. This is an especially great activity for end-of-unit writing celebrations to showcase their best work.

QR Code Scanners:

With parents, I recommend QR Code Reader, but there are plenty of other great free ones out there like this. In my classroom though, Seesaw has a QR Scanner built right into the app, so this is what we use to view each other’s work! All QR scanners do pretty much the same thing, so pick whichever is easiest for you and your students.

I hope you try out Item QR Codes in your classroom! They’re just another great way Seesaw lets your students share their learning with others. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Kelli

    16 October

    I want to post my QR code for my SeeSaw in the hallway so people can view our journal…. Whats the best way to do this? I want them to see all we have done …. not just one activity.

    • Elementary Geek

      21 October

      I’d be hesitant to post your class journal’s QR code in the hallway just because anyone who scans it could add items to the journal. You may want to try using the class blog feature and posting that QR code in the hallway instead! That way viewers can see all the student items you share to the blog (which is basically just the post feed), but cannot post anything of their own. Email me and I can help you set it up! 🙂

  2. Jessica Fry

    23 January

    If you print a qr code of student work to post in the hallway, do people have to sign in to Seesaw in order to view the child’s project? Or can they just scan the qr code and see what that child has done?

    thank you!

    • They can just scan the QR code with their camera or a QR reader app. No download or log in needed so it’s super easy!

  3. Vanessa

    14 August

    I tried every which way but I still can’t get it to work. I wanted to create the seesaw go scavenger hunt. I uploaded a ChatterPix Video and now I want to generate a QR Code for it. But when I assign the activity to my class I can only generate QR Codes for the students responses. But I need a QR Code leading to MY original video. So I can hang it up around the classroom and let the new kids learn about the different areas in our class. What am I missing? Is there a work around?

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