3 Tips for Choosing a Device

While apps and robots and tech tools are exciting, they are useless in your classroom without a great device. So many times I have found a new app, but upon trying to download it, I realized either my operating system wasn’t updated, or it just didn’t work on the devices I had.

I’ve learned the hard way that not everything in the tech world plays nice with others, so I wanted to share a resource with you to make your tech adventures a little bit easier.

Here’s 3 quick questions to help you choose a device for your classroom:

What’s your budget?

It’s no secret that Apple devices are pricey. So if you’re footing the bill yourself, or are on limited funds, Amazon Fire tablets may be the way to go. But if you’re budget is a little larger, or you’re applying for a grant, Apple devices may suit you just fine.

What will you use it for?

The purpose of the device will ultimately define what types of tech you’ll need. If photos and videos are your passion, you’re going to want something with great graphics and a whole lot of storage. Looking to do a lot of project creation and typing? You’ll definitely want something with an actual keyboard and a great touch capability. Envision your students using lots of apps and web resources? Choose a brand with a good app store. Outline what kinds of things your students will be doing on the devices you purchase and your decision will get much easier.

Who will be using it?

This one is something I’ve learned through trial and error. I come from a family of IT guys and just generally techie people, and all of them are very loyal to PC’s and windows products. So naturally, this is what I grew up on and turned to most often. That being said, while PC’s and Windows tablets are incredibly powerful machines….they’re really not all that user-friendly for the 5-year-olds.

With answers to these 3 questions, you will be well on your way to getting tech into your classroom that will best meet the needs of your students AND your teaching style.

Looking for some expert advice?

I came across this awesome resource on Reviews.com that I think would be really helpful for you. They brought in tech experts and rated different kinds of tablets to find the best device for every kind of user. While this isn’t geared towards the classroom necessarily, you could totally apply their advice to whatever your classroom tech needs would be.

Check out their advice here or click the image below.

The Best Tablet


Wishing you lots of luck as you embark on your own Ed Tech Adventures! If you have any questions about what I use in my own classroom, or want to share what works for you, drop a note in the comments below!


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