Holiday Travel using Green Screen

When December rolls around, I feel like most of us enter survival mode in our classrooms. I am searching for as many engaging and fun activities as I can find to keep my holiday-crazy kiddos under control!! This usually means that I work through a Holidays Around the World unit, where we learn about a different country’s tradition each day and complete some sort of craft to go along with it.

This year, I decided to spice things up a bit and actually make it look like we actually WENT to the countries we were learning about. So, I downloaded the Do Ink Green Screen app on my iPad, borrowed a green sheet from my cousin, and our Holiday Postcard activity was born.

After completing our daily holiday lesson and craft, small groups of students would stand in front of our green screen for their photo op. {I initially tried to take a photo of the whole class but our green screen wasn’t big enough to get everyone.} I had students hold their completed craft in the photo as a prop to give the photo a more realistic look.

Then, I opened the Do Ink app on my iPad and did a little green screen magic. I searched for festive photo of that country in Google images and used that as the background. I found myself searching things like “Christmas in Italy” and “Poinsettias in Mexico” to find a good landscape photo for them to stand in front of. {You might notice  a little extra floating head magic in our Mexico photo….it was class t-shirt day and of course they’re bright green. lol}

Since I couldn’t get the whole class in one photo together, I instead created a collage of all the pictures from that day using Pic Collage Kids. This also allowed me to add a quick caption about the country we “visited” so that students and families would remember what country they were in. Once I was done, I shared the finished Pic Collage with parents via the Seesaw app, but you could also just email it to them. My students were ecstatic to see how the pictures turned out and their families were super impressed as well.

Leave any questions or comments on this activity in the box below. I always welcome your feedback!

Wishing you lots of luck and holiday cheer in your green screen adventures!


  1. Stephanie Harding (ms_hrdng)

    14 December

    I love that you made it into a collage and put it in on Seesaw! I can’t wait to try it! Did you have a fancy green screen or could I use just green paper/cloth/etc?

    • Elementary Geek

      21 December

      I borrowed my cousin’s photography green screen but any old green fabric or wall would work! Even my kiddos’ green tshirts disappeared lol

  2. Anita Goodwin

    28 December

    What. fun Green Screen Project to celebrate other holidays.

    • Elementary Geek

      3 January

      Thank you!! That’s means so much coming from you, the green screen guru! 🙂

  3. Michelle H

    29 December

    That is so cute!! What a great idea. A great way for the students to remember what they learned and just all-around cute! Is the app easy to use?

    • Elementary Geek

      3 January

      Definitely! There’s even an in-app tutorial to help them get started. For my kinders, it’s a little tricky at first but I think older students would be just fine.

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