Space Week

Hands Down, this is always my favorite week of the school year. Something about space has just always fascinated me, and that excitement definitely translates into the activites I plan for my students. This time, I planned Space Week for the same week as May 4th…as in, May the Fourth Be With You! It fit nicely and also gave me a nice reason to wear a LOT of Star Wars shirts to work.

Below you’ll find a ton of activities, some techie & some not, but all engaging and centered around a space-theme. I did all of these with my kindergarten students, but you could easily adapt them to suit your grade-level.

Planet Songs

Warning: These songs WILL get stuck in your head!!

This is my 3rd year using these videos and I think I will forever know all the words. That being said, the lyrics are also full of great facts and info about each of the planets, so you’ll feel a little bit better about your students singing these during Quiet Time…

{I highly recommend checking the rest of the Story Bots Outer Space videos. You can create a free teacher account to access all of them and more. Their website also has no ads or popups which makes it very classroom friendly.}

QR Code Write the Room

Anything that gets my kiddos up, moving, AND learning is a winner in my book! I created 3 different QR Code Write the Room activities that I used throughout the week: Space vocabulary, Scrambled Sight Words, and 2 versions of Base Ten Place Value (1-20 & 1-100).

For each Write the Room, I taped the cards in various locations around my classroom. {I usually do this when they’re at PE or if I’m really behind…when they’re independently reading} Then, equipped with an iPad, clipboard, & recording sheet, students traveled the room looking for each card. Once they found one, they scanned the QR code on it, and then recorded the answer in the correct spot on their worksheet. In the activity pictured below, students scanned the QR code to reveal a number and then had to correctly color that number using tens and ones on their recording sheet.

*These cards would also be great in a center if you’re limited on devices or want it to be a more stationary activity.

*Tip: If you teach kindergarten, it might be helpful to put students into partnerships. Have one student in charge of the tablet and the other student in charge of the clipboard and recording sheet. This way both students are engaged and their little hands are trying to juggle a device and paperwork.

Click the picture below to check out the rest of the bundle!


There is nothing cooler than seeing what Earth looks like from space….other than seeing and hearing from a real live astronaut while they are actually up in the International Space Station!! The NASA TV live stream is completely free and available on their website here –NASA TV

Chatterpix + Planet Research

This unit coincided with our Opinion Writing unit this year so students picked their favorite planet and researched as many facts as they could about that planet. We used books, songs, and YouTube videos to learn new information.

To publish and share what they learned about their planet, students used Chatterpix! They took a picture of their favorite planet, decorated it with a few stickers and filters within the app, and then recorded their reasons why that planet was the best of all.


BeeBot the Astronaut

If you’ve never hear of BeeBot the codable robot, check out my original post here. BeeBot is amazing and it’s coding concepts can truly be applied to any subject area you can imagine. For this activity, I taped pictures of the 8 planets onto my original grid of 6x6in squares. Students started BeeBot at the Sun and had to navigate him to each of the planets in order from closest to farthest from the Sun.

Nearpod Lesson- Our Solar System

To teach key vocabulary, and also do a little formative assessing, I created this Nearpod lesson for my students to work through during computer lab time. It includes vocabulary definitions, videos about the planets, and even and interactive VR activity where students can see what Earth looks like from space!

What are your favorite Space-themed activities? Share them in the comments below!


Grab my QR Code Write the Room Activities Here!

Grab my Nearpod Solar System lesson for Free here!




  1. Wagner

    2 July

    I liked it a lot. I’m a teacher and I’m going to show these videos to my students.
    I did not know your site, I’ll be back more often …
    Thanks for sharing.


    • I’m so glad to hear that! Best of luck implementing these with your students!

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