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Now that I’ve moved to 5th grade, I’ve really been trying to wrap my head around behavior management. I’m team teaching this year, and we’ve been trying to wrap our heads around a system that would work for both of us AND wouldn’t take up a ton of our time. In my head, those big kids just aren’t as motivated by positive praise and dojo points as my little ones are because, you know, they’re “too cool”. So we exhausted ourselves trying to make some kind of economy system with dollars and withdrawal slips and rewards.

Notice the word “exhausted” up there. After nearly 4 days of conversations about making an economy system, we were no closer to a viable solution. We were also 2 days into the school year and we were getting seriously desperate. (Note: I now know that 5th graders are basically just big kindergartners and you should never just assume they should know better…)

It was at this point that we went back to what we knew…Class Dojo. OH MY GOODNESS! It has been amazing! We rolled it out today, along with the promise of several rewards for different levels of dojo points and their faces lit up! Every time they heard that little ‘ding’ you could see their ears perk up.

The best parts of using Class Dojo together

  • It’s all online! We both have access to the class and can pull it up anytime. Nothing physical needs to travel between our classes and there’s nothing for students to lose.
  • It conveys consistency in our 2 classes. We both give points and take points for the same things so there’s no guess work as to what’s expected from each teacher.
  • We can easily and immediately share both positive and negative feedback with parents so we can cut down on the number of notes we’re writing in planners. Transparency & communication with parents = a happy school year.


If you’re team teaching or co-teaching this year, I highly recommend using Class Dojo to streamline and revolutionize your behavior management. I linked our roll-out presentation below to help you get started!

Class Dojo Rollout Presentation

Already using Class Dojo? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Wishing you all a fantastic Back-to-School season!


  1. Levi Myers

    7 July

    I appreciate you sharing your experience with Class Dojo. I have some questions about incorporating Class Dojo into my classroom. One, do you think 1st graders would be able to handle/understand this behavior system? Two, what rewards did you use as an incentive for your students? Thanks for your time!

    • Absolutely! I used Class Dojo with my kindergartners for several years and I found it to be very helpful for reinforcing positive behaviors and communicating with parents. It was far more effective than clip charts/colors and easier for me to manage. I try to stick with rewards that are cheap for me to buy, but I’ve also had parents donate trinkets like McDonald’s toys and art supplies. My student favorites in kinder were pencils, stickers, lunch with the teacher, 5 minutes of iPad time, and being the one to choose the GoNoodle videos for the day!

  2. Graham Milder

    15 October

    This will be fun

  3. Graham Milder

    15 October

    This will be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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