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Studying for tests – there is nothing that your students would rather do less of, other than maybe take the test itself. Studying can be arduous, time-consuming, and a whole lot less fun than Fortnite (so they tell me…)

The biggest realization for me teaching 5th grade this year was how few of my students actually had strategies for studying. In part, because they’ve never truly had to study before. But now, here we are in 5th grade with a more challenging curriculum and it became apparent to me just how much they needed a plan of attack to be successful.

Now, of course, they’re still kids, so I knew that whatever strategy I taught them, it needed to be engaging, and at least a little bit fun. That’s where Quizlet Live comes in.

What’s Quizlet?

Quizlet is a digital flashcard platform that’s free across all kinds of devices. (It does require an account though.) Users can create their own flashcard decks or they can search the existing library for something that suits their needs.

There’s a ton of ways to study each set but the Quizlet Live feature creates a fast-paced team review game. I always launch the game from my teacher device connected to the projector. This way the game code is displayed to the entire class during set up and the scoreboard will be visible later on during gameplay.

Playing Quizlet Live

To join the game, students go to either www.quizlet.live or open up the Quizlet app. Then, they enter the game code, choose a username, and they’re in! Once all students have joined, click the “start game” button and players will be automatically sorted into teams.

Teacher Tip: If a student creates an inappropriate username, or even if they just spell something wrong, you can click on it to kick them out of the game. They then have to create a new username to rejoin.

My students have gotten pretty skilled at this part – once they see their team, students set-up in a location around the room so they can see each other’s devices and communicate during the game. Each device shows 3-4 different words from the study set (actual number depends on the size of your teams). A definition flashes up at the top of each team member’s screen and students must then collaborate to figure out whose device shows the matching word.

As the teacher, this is my favorite part because I get to sit back and watch them go. Some of them are laser-focused, and it’s so cool to watch them collaborate and help each other find the answer on their screen. They also get super competitive when they see they’re tied with another team. All in all though, its good fun and it really helps build their fluency with vocabulary.

Hope you and your students enjoy Quizlet Live as much as we have so far! Leave any questions or comments below.


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