custom instrument panel labels

custom instrument panel labels

Label-Aid System produces custom vinyl labels, decals and graphic overlays. Home Tools Custom Products Engraving/Vinyl Hoses/Cables Build Supplies Inst. The easiest way is to make labels … Select the Aluminum option below to start customizing your aluminum panel plates. Custom plates are easily made in one or two lines of text. Custom Work. These include: Depending upon your needs, custom instrument panel labels can be made using screen printing or engraving. The customer has added some different instrumentation to eliminate the analog gauges. This term is often misused. Your panel will be made from 3.2mm bicolour rigid plastic ( or 3mm solid brass) and the holes for your panel elements and the text for your labels will be cut into the material using our CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines. The laser engraving is much more durable than the silk screened labels that wear away over time. Take a look at our catalog or visit a dealer near you to see what other accessories Rockwood has to offer! Classic Dash custom dash panels can help you find a dash that fits your needs while selecting the finish and gauges that fit your style. The enclosed instrument panel was made for a Corsair II. Low Profile Panel Labels Low profile panel labels are ideal for permanent identification of control panels, instrument panels, electrical cabinets, racks, patch panels, as well as general labeling applications that require a high performance, high-tack adhesive label. 30mm, 22mm and other standard sizes. 125 micron – 500 micron. Please note: With custom engraving, … Screen printing can be done in a variety of colors to match your needs. Available now for only $1,440, fully customized. Sizes ️ 5mm x 5mm to < 700mm x 1270mm. Label-Aid Systems, Inc., a top supplier of custom labels, decals and overlays, offers a range of instrument panel labels for commercial and industrial applications. The labeling of your panel is extremely important to the final finish. Custom front panels are commonly used in electronic devices. Custom Instrument Panels Laser engraved to your exact specifications, instrument-panels and faceplates. The easiest way is to make labels … Any size, shape, colour and design you desire. Mark your control panels with a little sign with some staying power. Over 200 pressure sensitive labels and words conveniently grouped for ease of transfer to airplane controls or instrument panel. It is all reverse engraved and inked behind the acrylic so the lettering never rubs off or becomes discolored! Instrument panel labels are built to last through everyday wear and tear. Quality workmanship, innovative product features, and fast prototype turnaround make Panelec a supplier of choice for manufacturers in the marine, automotive, industrial and RV fields. Easy online ordering with Preview. Seeking both clarity and a unique look, Otis undertook a careful process to develop graphics for his panel in the form of dry-transfer labels for each of the aircraft controls. After finishes, labeling is then laser etched. Materials ️ Polycarbonate, Polyester or PVC. BLACK Marine Boat Dash Board Switch Instrument Panel Decal Sticker Labels Sheet Light Switch Fuse Description button Boating Fishing Horn GPS LEDS motor CD … CUSTOM PANEL - Cut to Customer Approved Dimensions This beautiful custom dash panel is based around an OEM Chaparral 242 Sunbridge. so in the end it is very cost effective. All Tecnografic products undergo strict quality control measures and all products are supplied with a … Use the Blue Sea Systems Panel Wizard to design and order a Custom 360 Panel. Custom backlit metal effect dial with offset LCD and built in indicators. View panel layouts, view panels in aircraft or Place your order now: Sample Approved FAA Form 337 - Cessna Cardinal Instrument Panel Kit courtesy of Hugh Gregg This is a collection of items from our catalog that are popular for Marine and RV use. Any design aircraft instrument panel, any scale. Filtering results . Brother makes a very nice label printer that connects to your home computer. You will love this service! There are a few different way of labeling your instrument panel. Encase your electronics in a custom enclosure with Front Panel Designer's easy-to-use enclosure generator. Bernard can supply custom engraved plaques in to your specifications. Vinyl is a PVC film product that can be used as a label base stock and clear (frosty) laminate. Bernard stocks over 150 of the most popular switch labels in the 1/2" x 1-1/2" standard plate size. Standard finishes for metal front panels include anodizing and powder coating. Color instrument panel decals made to your specs. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes in both outdoor and indoor grade aluminum. FOLLOW US! PHONE: 1-866-882-3525. They are found in aircrafts, marine ships, and cars, as well as factory machinery, medical equipment, and many other applications. Panel labeling is a small task that plays a huge role in the finished appearance of your instrument panel. Large Size is 1/8" Small size is 1/16" You also have complete freedom for the text labels and or images that you want on your panel. Good prices. Full Build. Design Overlays CNC Cutting Powdercoating/Anodizing Labeling Pricing Videos Pictures Why Us? … For over 20 years Tecnografic has designed and manufactured the highest quality instrument, switches, and electronic dash panels for the marine and automotive industry. With our extensive design and production abilities, we provide high-volume precision electronic control panel screen printing with uniformity. You will need to create a username and password on your first visit - click the register link at the upper right to proceed, and join the conversation! The labeling of your panel is extremely important to the final finish. Instrument panels are control areas where monitoring instruments are displayed, making them easily accessible to the user. Permel has been working with a variety of manufacturers for decades, producing fine detailed markings and labeling on control and instrument panels and many other industrial parts using its unique set of laser engraving, rotary engraving and router equipment. We’ll start by getting your requirements and developing a human quote. Responding to the growing demand for highly durable, precision crafted printed products, QSX Labels offers a complete assortment of functional and promotional custom printed graphics. ... We offer a finished instrument panel starting with the initial design, leading into fabrication, paint and labels, and complete wiring for the avionics, switches, circuit breakers, and ancillary items. For a variable power supply, I decided to make a better looking set of labels. Where to buy labels for instrument panel marking? Resistant to common fluids, oils and solvents. We are a leading California screen printing and industrial engraving company since our founding in 1963. The purpose of control panel labels is related to both safety and aesthetic, so there are a few things that should be considered. These durable weatherproof labels can be backlit (depending on the panel) and come in four configurations to satisfy most applications. We ship international. Welcome to EAA Forums! When using screen printing, a screen is made to match your design and then framed and locked into place. Labeling an industrial control panel is imperative to the safety and efficiency of the machinery. We are proud to offer our custom panel building services. The material is removed in the desired shape and design of the customer and then can be filled with an epoxy paint to meet any color requirements as well. Phone: 360.738.8230 - Fax: 360.734.4195 Customer Service: Toll Free 800.222.7617 United States and Canada Email: - Internet: Mailing Address: Blue Sea Systems 4600 Ryzex Way Bellingham, WA 98226 USA ©2006-2021 Blue Sea Systems Plates are built to last through normal wear and tear. Customize your aircraft panel by installing the latest technology of panel lighting , instrumentation , engine data monitoring systems, USB chargers , and other accessories. Label-Aid Systems has been serving clients worldwide since 1976, offering top-of-the-line products at competitive prices. custom instrument panels When it comes to panel design Air Plains takes the job from concept to completion . If your RFQ calls for Phenolic, we may ask you to clarify. Whether adding new or replacing an old panel label the way you want it and add a logo or boat name to give it a custom touch. Both of these options offer their own benefits and unique process. The switches are SPST. Fade resistance 3-5 years; Durable 3M peel and stick adhesive. Of course we still offer the classic plastic 1/16" engraved panel plates. Materials ️ Polycarbonate, Polyester or PVC. This process can be done using a machine or through a chemical etching process. MAKE CUSTOM INSTRUMENT LABELS Step 1: WHAT YOU NEED. Contact a customer service representative today to receive a price quote or discuss application specifications. Encase your electronics in a custom enclosure with Front Panel Designer's easy-to-use enclosure generator.

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