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Tech Tools I Love

There are so many Ed Tech Tools out there! Some really awesome, some really disappointing. I can’t say that I’ve seen them all, nor have I tried them all, but I have found several that have truly changed my classroom for the better!


Below, I listed some of my favorite apps and hardware and sorted them by their use. Click the name in bold to visit the tool’s website and learn more. Enjoy!

  • GoNoodle– Perfect for brain breaks and getting the wiggles out!


  • Class Dojo– Engaging behavior management system that teaches mindfulness and helps connect with parents.


  • Remind– Keep parents up-to-date by sending mass text messages about upcoming dates, school events, etc.
  • Nearpod– Create your own differentiated lessons or choose one from their library of pre-made ones. Great for 1:1 classrooms, small group interventions, and individualized instruction.


  • Seesaw– Post all kinds of student work to an online learning journal. Journals can be shared with parents, peers, and teachers and are a great way to share what’s going on in your classroom daily.


  • Starfall– Great website for practicing basic phonics and early reading skills. Even better? Most features are FREE!


  • Reflector 2– Mirror your iPad onto your SmartBoard or projector! I love this for teaching students how to use a new app or share out what students create right from their iPads.
  • Dash (by Wonder Workshop)– This cute little robot will win your kids over quickly. Using an iPad and one of the many Wonder Workshop apps, you can code Dash to move, make sounds, and play games!


  • Kodable-Super fun coding app for beginners. Kids can code their fuzzball to roll across the screen and earn stars. This one is a favorite in my kindergarten class!


  • Lightbot– A more advanced coding app for kids. This one takes things to the next level by coding a robot in a 3-D environment.


  • Ozobots– These little guys have totally transformed my classroom! The only tools you need to program Ozobot are colored markers.


  • Osmo– Transform any iPad into an interactive, hands-on game system. Osmo games cover topics in language arts, math, coding, engineering, and the arts.


  • Scratch – My Coding Club kiddos love this one. Developed by MIT to teach computer science to kids of all ages! The drag and drop blockly format is easy to learn and there are plenty of tutorials and videos to help you get started. Because of the reading and logic required, I would recommend this for grades 4 and up.


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