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Hope Ari will become a wise and kind-hearted lady. so disappointing! bad writing, stupid dialogue, exagerrated actings, to name a few.. the reason why this drama is pathetic. Fall in love with all the cast. Especially lee hyuk, oh sunny, na wang sik. Mikay Jan 23 2019 1:20 am And thank you for the romance Oh Hello and Prince Yoon. I'm Your Empress Of 2. Unique, a masterpiece. But stay strong. //]]>, //,< - NOT. I hate the way the MIN YU RA keeps calling PHEHA PHEHA for every small thing. reality but the characters made my blood boil. I just love this drama!!! So I understand that Lunastra's basically immune to Flash Pods, but is she also immune to Dung Pods? Rinda Dec 13 2018 11:32 am Jin Hyuk+Jang Nara+writer Kim Son Ok, thats gonna be a bombastic. exactly i finished watching it in 3days because the drama is interesting. Stop trying to force Sunny to be in a toxic relationship. 7. I like Choi Jin-Hyuk but I don't like Jang Na-Ra at all. 4. Anyway, I highly recommend this drama, especially for those "tense-thriller-mystery" drama fans. 02:20 07. Fantastic chemistry, emotions well portrayed. The Last Empress for episode 21-22 is quite make me satisfy because oh sunny is start to make a revenge. ridiculous ending. Can't go wrong with these 2 established actor & actress. Steve Dec 21 2018 1:06 am Lee Hyuk will be out for blood so don't get soft on him yet. But compared to Jang Na-ra, she lacks so much but it is understandable since her character isn't that important. In the epilogue, you can see how they are so lovely, and Sunny truly shows her love for the very first time to Lee Hyuk hence the state of denial. I wait till the very end of the eps but it didnt show up. No changed at all after watching your previous dramas like Fated to Love, Go Back Couple, Highschool and others. Best K-drama to watch. though Choi Jin Hyuk is the main male lead in this series, i enjoy watching Shin Sung Rok even more - he did a Great job in this one, communicating every emotion. Lovelace Jan 12 2019 9:59 pm I hope the writer make the most outstanding revenge for oh ssu ni and na wang sik, I really want Lee Hyuk, Min Yura and the queen mother got punishment for what they did. Also the little princess and the father and sister of the Empress are very funny and makes the drama flows nicely. This season is so good and is educate us especially in Tanzania.I accept Jang Na-Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk and Shin Sung Rok are the best actress and actors respectively in that drama KEEP IT UP in order to be a Champion BIG SHARO, Sherry Jan 15 2019 9:39 pm I pray them burn in hell hahahahaha just kidding ??? Empress Of. The same thing happened with return and Choi Jin Hyuk had to leave the show, also, what happened to the 'romance' between Sunny and Wang Sik? 2:56 VORSCHAU Not The One. Thanks. Yo Dec 21 2018 12:18 pm query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); What kind of ending was that for Na Wang Sik!? If you’re looking for a drama which portrays good all the time then you’re going to have to look elsewhere- just like not every drama has to be about romance, not every drama has to have an overly rightheous or positive point to it. The best ending for him is to face his punishment according to the laws, the same goes to Min Yu Ra and of course Empress Dowager and Seo Kang Hee. So a mere acting girl who could not even get the lead on her own wants to reveal the truth behind and go against the BIG guys. Everyone in the comment seems to be so irrated by Oh Sunny. Nana Mar 07 2019 12:00 am Spoil alert: so I noticed that Wang Sik isn’t in the last 2 episodes. Look at the ratings!! 8. lol Jan 12 2020 10:59 am Ah, I was so excited to hear Choi Jin Hyuk would be doing this drama so soon after Devilish Charm. I'm sitting on the edge of my chair every week. I really curious who the skull with a diamond necklace in 1st episode... Lola Jan 23 2019 7:22 pm He show strong main character in this series. Really love this drama, I have watched 10 episodes. 8. After years there is no good k drama. Excepting the actors, Ahn Nae-Sang, Hwang Young-Hee, Jeon Su-Kyeong and Oh Ah-Rin, who also played in "Band of Sister" but with some other character names. Wow, I cannot wait for the next episodes. F*cking nightmare. Faith Nov 30 2018 6:29 pm Choi Jin Hyuk, Shin Sung Rok , Jang Nara , Lee Elijah , Stephanie Lee... perfect combination :). Xiska Saputra Jan 31 2019 2:07 am Lily Dec 13 2018 6:54 pm This drama gives me a roller coaster ride.. Love Is A Drug - Empress Of: Übersetzung und Songtexte . I find him charming & manly but those eyes makes my heart skip a beat. She must have collaboration with Ari. Hes acting is great he can pull his character villain or whatsoever hahaha. The best drama. Robert Fuller was born in Troy, New York on 29th July 1933 at 1.50pm and was raised in Key West, Florida. I love how they used to hate each other and now protecting and have each other back #girlpower!!!! Love Is A Drug - Empress Of: Translations and Lyrics . I really love the story! When I see the total episode 48, which ending in Feb 2019... my goddddddd!!! DJ Broadcast. 9. Aizzylyn agorto May 20 2020 11:05 pm 2:20 VORSCHAU Give Me Another Chance. And I pretty much believe that he's still alive. And again we see a really cool (or hot) monster completely ruined by the fight. 2020, 12 tracks, 33 mins 52 sec. great twist to have hel ro on empress's side now #siblinggoals, Sweet Feb 01 2019 12:26 am Every role that she took on in every drama has excel my expectation. Daebakkk!! This was the first isekai I read. I get it, Wang Shik had it coming but still, it was shit for last episodes. the best drama, with amazing actors. dramawatcher Feb 07 2019 10:23 pm Y'all blinded by cuteness and chemistry. As inappropriate as it was, I actually liked the anime elements in the sword fight. 1. Empress Of – Maybe This Time Lyrics. Empress Of, Producer, MainArtist - BJ Burton, Producer (C) 2020 Terrible Records (P) 2020 Terrible Records . It will be bored right?? Thrilling. But it was disappointed me. I expected a serious, hot and passionate love triangle! Ruth Jan 12 2019 6:35 am Hold Me Like Water 12. Empress Of – Bit Of Rain Lyrics. Nevertheless awesome drama Highly recommended to every Kdrama addicts!!! Rose Dec 14 2018 10:28 pm the story, the events development, the handsom talented actors, the gorgeous talented actresses, the production, etc. I hope the empress enda with the emperor. sigh Jan 11 2020 9:30 am W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Empress Of – U Give It Up Lyrics. They are emperors and have it all. Cant waittttttt!!!! This is a most exciting drama. Even Oh Hel-Ro and Yi-Yoon are more interesting characters than empress is. 9. A continuación encontrará letras , video musical y traducción de You’ve Got To Feel - Empress Of en varios idiomas. Mei Dec 13 2018 10:21 am Brave and reckless. Movie ". this is the reason why i really dont want to start Kdrama while its still airing. This drama is giving me a hard time. I don't even want to talk about the stupid plot .. if the emperor ends up with So Ni that will be the most ridiculous end I've ever seen. Jaja Dec 28 2018 8:39 am Childlike empress & Atreyu voice's have not been Dubbed it's the same voice as the U.S. version. Jang Na Ra is an awesome actress. CJHfan Nov 09 2018 3:14 pm This drama aroused anger within me just by watching it. Empress Of. Love Is A Drug Empress Of. Also, tell me you’re not going to be caught up in your feelings after facing such a betrayal, near death, being accused of murder amongst other things. A nice love story....The Beauty and The Beast! I like the character of the emperor, he is evil, cunning, funny and has a very romantic side, at the end of the episode I felt sad when the emperor died. What's The Point 9. Honey X Honey Drops. i think this is by far my favourite drama of all time. Sure, a lot of people may think that the plot twists and the whole story is ridiculous but it’s addicting. I like the cast and the plot! Oh Sunny only knows how to lament and cry. Oh, is that maybe Kang Hee also the Grandma's murderer? [CDATA[ Meanwhile, she falls in love with Na Wang-Sik (Choi Jin-Hyuk) who is a bodyguard of the imperial family. Chapter Text. They actually extended the drama. Love. Extend please!!! The little princess was sweet! I'm Your Empress Of. Even though its make me very nervous that she not able to fight back. jang nara deserves the daesang. Elena Jan 18 2020 11:58 am Princess Ari (oh aah Rin) deserve for that award !!! Learn your lesson quickly, the story goes fast. I do, because I was watching the drama ”Band of Sisters”. And b) take it for what it is. Please???? But I run out my money there. Please don't take this seriously. I cant believe how people are still rooting for the emperor and empress to end up together? Love choi Jin Hyuk and Jang Nara they are good actors. Best drama ever ?? Be kind, be brave but also be clever and wise." Bit Of Rain - Empress Of: Übersetzung und Songtexte . I want him to be in those last episodes but it will not happen. This drama is crazy entertaining. I watch all korean drama so I did know which one is the best as a viewer.some drama, its hard to get what is the point, a quite bored. And with my favorite actress Na-Ra ssi , this is overdose of happiness ???? i recommend this drama. It could have been much better! Only yura had a happy ending when she should also be in jail. Though I don't like his character in the drama ?? A character needs to be realistic to be credible don't you think. Void . Purplesuraya Dec 13 2018 9:44 am Nina May 21 2019 6:05 pm I like this drama, I'm a fan of Choi Jin Hyuk but seeing the storyline I prefer oh sunny with Lee Hyuk and Ari's daughter. But whatever the plot is, I'll be watching Nara's new drama. What’s The Point Jang Nara, I’m speechless. Lunastra heats the air around her enough that cool drinks are required to prevent damage from the air. Its too easily broo! Not The One 11. Pika Jun 03 2019 5:13 pm It happens!! Latest Translations and Lyrics Added. They need to just keep to the action parts. I hope this will turn HATE to LOVE repationship ,Please it should be the Emperor Lee Hyuk & Empress Oh Ssuni. 2:40 VORSCHAU U Give It Up. Such a wonderful young actress! sleepingpanda Oct 17 2018 4:36 am Give Me Another Chance 8. Emperor, wang shik, empress sunny among the fave :). Am also confused with the Emperor is he suffering from a multiple personality? I hope Oh Sunny part gets better and better as she takes down the imperial family. All rights reserved. I hope he will fall in love with her, otherwise it's not interesting! This drama is so bad that it's good. If only the Emperor wasn't so messed up, I would've rooted for him to have a happy ending with Sunny. But, except that, i love all story!! Has time passed? Mino Dec 06 2018 5:27 am 5. Aim for her wings when she is downed if using a sever damaging weapon which is her highest weak-point for those types of weapons while head for blunt. I don't care about Lee Hyuk's musical epilogue, I wish they made a better ending/closure for Na Wang Sik ughh I'm still upset even though I finished this drama a long time ago. It's might sound tedious, but if you're not up to dealing with them both, you should do this. Zahr Feb 25 2019 3:39 am @miky, no that’s not their son. each one was full of action packed scenes, some romance and a lot of suspense. This drama deserves it's rating ? Meezun mizi Jan 03 2019 3:19 am Höre Should've von Empress Of - I'm Your Empress Of. I hope this drama will have a good ending. I'm Your Empress Of Empress Of. Tbh i don't know about you guys but it's been quite sometime that a drama is this much intriguing to me, every episode was amazing (i hope the last 2 episodes would be the climax that i wanted for if not the better). Original Webcomic Original Webnovel by Miraenabi. Am I the only one starting to love the connection between the empress and Min yura towards the end of the episodes? i really want to see the emperor and yura get punished for their sins!!! Deezer: kostenloses Musikstreaming. I was looking for fav star? 03:30 03. BigbangVip Feb 17 2019 6:45 am really like ur acting. U Give It Up - Empress Of: Übersetzung und Songtexte . The plot twists are a little too illogical, characters are written mainly to drive the plot forward but the actors are top notch in the execution. I'm curious who's 1st, 2nd, 3rd in ratings haha. Kris Mar 11 2019 10:24 am How they ended his character made no sense/felt forced and no one even cared about his death wtf?? Carmen Oct 30 2019 2:47 pm | Privacy Policy | Contact, First script reading took place September 6, 2018, SBS drama series “The Last Empress” been extended from 48 episodes to 52 episodes,, "The Last Empress" takes over SBS' Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by ". Kushala Daora can also have a turf war with her that does approximately 3000 damage to both participants. But is it modern since it said "set in the present" and not back in the days settings? - When Lunastra's resting, Teostra will be there to guard her. sofia Dec 20 2018 7:04 am to this drama..I really salute the script writer, the director and off course all chosen actors and actresses..every episode is very dull moment... Jin Dec 09 2018 6:18 am Stechira Feb 16 2020 8:21 am Oh sunny really stupid. What's The Point . In the epilogue, as sunny turns away from the palace, we see ari and the emperor waiting for her, waving. Raised my blood pressure while watching. Obvious why he prefers Yura over Sunny. Bravo! Suneo . Maybe This Time Empress Of. I just want to beat them up from my screen. Should've - 2.5 Roro Jul 03 2019 8:36 am She so desperate and evil. She’s just amazing. Objectively speaking, this "trashy" writing is achieving what "high quality" writing can't. Yes, they look good together but please I ship Wang Shik and Oh sunny please! Okay, I like this drama so gunna go back to watching it hihi. Season two? Um isn’t she always immediately hostile at any range. Yay Mar 16 2019 4:07 am While I see a bunch of people here complaining about the nova, my complaint is the the knockdown and stun spam.... like Serriously, I can’t get up half the time. I have almost never fought Lunastra in Iceborne since she wasn't in my main quests I do, and also partially because I don't like fighting her. Disappointedly choi jin hyuk didnt seem to be a main lead. The twists! Also, I am sure there are many who enjoy dramas like these since its doing well with ratings in Korea. They deserve it. The Head, Wings and Tail are the weak spots. It’s good but a little bit disappointing. Back to the reason why I paused my drama and came to comment, is because of Queen/Empress dowager, she is amazing, her acting is another level. Lol. I love everything in this drama. There is 52 episodes instead of 48 now as they have extended it now. It kind of bothers me a bit when the leads show up way less than the side characters but I'll still give it a chance after seeing ep 2. Sign up for Deezer and listen to Should've by Empress Of and 56 million more tracks. Void 4. Void 4. He deserves to be dethroned and to be put in jail. All actors and supporting actress are so great too !! The cameo of Jeon Soo-kyung & Kim Soo-mi was really priceless I hope that somehow they extend their exposures since their character played an important role. Zainab Aug 04 2019 7:05 pm Lunastra is an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter World (MHW).ナナ・テスカトリ (Nana Tesukatori) in Japanese. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Her supernova attack has very large range and boasts twice. In overall I believe that this drama is so badass. It's interesting by now...I've seen till ep.8 Hopefully this will better than CJH's drama before (DJ). Oh Sunny and Na Wang Shik look so good together!! I shouldn't hv started watching it before it finished. oh my God, what a good drama. 9? This is gonna be cherry on top! It has such an interesting plot and great actors. !MR Lunastra is added....MR Lunastra: "The fu*k did you say to me you little sh*t!? Bit Of Rain 3. Love Is A Drug 5. Amna Dec 02 2020 1:05 am My only complaint about that whole drama is that the female lead couldn't decide whether she hated him or loved him half the time. I love unsolved mysteries and watch them on youtube like buzzfeed unsolved. Boboho Dec 06 2018 10:58 pm Mar Feb 13 2019 12:48 am I love all the characters and the story itself. Submitted By CrackedLCD3 . At first I thought it is nonsenss, but 6.episod was so funny I really started to like this drama. I don't know if we are watching the same show, but I think you are watching it very wrongly. U Give It Up Empress Of. Because she was also in Grandma's room that night.. Sasha Jan 24 2019 8:57 pm it's a BIG WOW!!! It's a little childish and the plot is riddled with inconsistencies. Share . ☺️. I am sooo into this ???? After a while reading all the awesome comments, i gave i a try. Her acting is improving. The ending make me sad. The true story of the last Korean royalty should not be forgotten. What a great actor!! Can't believe this is my fourth comment.. It hurts! Maybe not in the same extra way this drama conveys, but it’s not impossible you just don’t hear of it.. for a reason! Is the little boy (Na dong shik) is Min Yura and Na Wang shik's son? Good luck to those continuing. I pity the emperor childhood, but how can he be so weak and evil? Back to the story, I do really love this. Even CERSEI from GAME OF THRONES loved her children though how evil she may be but here she is just an insult to the motherhood. Ivana Dec 14 2018 9:45 pm Did the actor have to leave the show suddenly? This Drama Captivates my emotion very well. I guess am abscess with it. Miss Dec 25 2018 10:53 am as damage control to our emotions. Jang Na Ra and Choi Jin Hyuk with Shin Sung Rok great storyline and I’m feeling this already; thank you for this. we've never know what will happen next eps, the curiousity getting biger, it feels like drugs I can't stop and I can't wait for watch next episode!! I want them to be a happy family. Don't make me choke. Ep 14... Meme Dec 13 2018 4:36 am This drama really is so unexpected and unpredictable. Guiltypleasure Jan 04 2019 10:32 am can wait for next episode..its really intense and very good drama. Daebak! Rekha Nov 18 2018 8:54 am Hwanghu Jan 24 2019 6:05 am I’m Your Empress Of 2. For once I want shin sung rok to have a happy ending, Sir Dec 02 2018 10:47 am Just a big stinky girl flailing around stupidly, preventing me from finishing my capture of another monster. But the royal family was actually using her. orangegirl Oct 18 2018 8:20 am Please help us improve VIBBIDI by answering this Survey! If you are still contemplating on whether to watch this drama or not ..Watch it!!! After a night of heavy drinking, I found myself transmigrated inside a novel as the villainous Empress Yulia, who will be executed for treason in three days. I hope the emperor sees how he truly underestimated her. And Congratulations again.??? 2. Minhoo Apr 23 2019 11:37 am Bibieve Jan 02 2019 7:19 pm Should’ve 7. Jang Na Ra's happy virus vibe is contagious, I couldn't help but smile when she smiles oblivious to the evilness around her, I am sure she is going to be bad ass when she finally sees the real faces behind the masks of Emperor and Min Yu Ra. Should get more awards for brilliant acting. this is addicted drama ever, last ep I watched on ep 23-24 gives the viewers all we want like sad, happy, tense, comedy, even romance. From Album: I’m Your Empress Of (2020) Empress Of – I’m Your Empress Of Lyrics. Jang Nara's acting was great and she should be like that. I don't know why they have to make him dead. I have an idea about this comment: Hyuna said, "Wang sik will change His apperance to another person ( Choi jin hyuk) to get revenge To the royal family.. .ooh...."... And I be like, "Aha! You've probably read this exact premise at least a dozen times, all with varying levels of execution and unhealthy relationships. All she did is cry a lot. U Give It Up 6. :D, If Prince Yi-Yoon end up being the Emperor, then Hel-Ro definitely the Empress.. that's would be so lovely ending. Princess sohyun or maybe sunny..?? And you'll be dying for the next eps. Why do i have the feeling that the Saphire neclace he gave to her is fake. Memorable, yes, but would've preferred the characters to be less cartoonish. Jan 13 2019 2:48 pm That track's bright synths, crisp electronic snare tones, and thumping bass drum accompany yearning, sexual lyrics. Layanne Daviova Jan 18 2019 6:10 pm What is the purpose of a tv show? Can't wait for Wednesday to come already❤️. Also still processing that Shin Eun-Kyung the Queen is the Actress in My Wife is a Gangster lmao. OMG, I really love this drama ????? yumnaa Nov 25 2018 4:57 am I want to see more of this kind of drama. Jenny Dec 06 2018 6:24 am i may not be a fan of this makjang drama but i just watch it for the best acting. Source . leanne Aug 15 2019 4:52 pm If Nergigante appears there is a rare turf war that does approximately 2000 damage to Lunastra. The best k Drama so far.. All the Character played their Role perfectly.. Another award winning.. Gizzy Jan 09 2019 5:27 pm lee hyuk with oh sunny, Jazz Jan 09 2019 7:57 am The thrill. I thought I wouldn't like but I do. 2. ???? Sadly though, I did not get a happy-I’m-back-home moment, because along the way I lost the passion to root for its happy ending. k Dec 26 2018 4:10 pm It's so hard to wait another week. Best ever drama with highly talented actors and actresses. Bit of Rain 3. Ivy Feb 25 2019 7:44 am Defeating this monster allows the player to carve the following items: Armor and Weapons related to the Lunastra Monster. Tikha Feb 21 2019 3:29 pm wowwww so intens. I'm so busy in school. We are about to end. Some were born to be tough, some others were hide it first then slowly burst, and the others learned from what happened around them -- to them. The rest is a train wreck, including the sickening portrayal of the "Last Korean Royal Family" as a bunch of dysfunctional and psychotic chaebols. I read somewhere below that this drama isn’t morally good or whatever (@D) but like... if you’re watching this for morals then you’re on the wrong track. Sasa Feb 05 2019 9:41 am The bloody synopsis is that they both seek revenge - I don’t know what world you live in, but revenge isn’t all roses and it’s far from being the “right” thing to do. Not The One Empress Of. Well. I just hate that the writers and directors lied to us about the plot and who the main male actors was but apart from that I really enjoyed the drama, I did ship hyuk and sunny because of their great chemistry. Gellie Jan 02 2015 9:01 am I really love Empress Ki Casts.The plot made my heart aches and my tears kept on falling but I enjoy watching it. I hate that she's just immune to clash pods... for NO reason. Listen to I'm Your Empress Of by Empress Of on VIBBIDI - Browse every single Songs, Tracklists, Music Videos, Remixes, Fan Covers, Live Performances, Tours, Playlists, Lyrics, Narrative Stories, News & more for free! I wonder if this is time travel historical drama because it was said in the premise is a musical actress and suddenly marries the Emperor. Career. Love Is A Drug 5. but this drama will keep you on your toes and heart beating every minute. Empress Of – Should’ve Lyrics. Even the little ones (princess ARI & Dong Sik) perform amazingly here. The weird part is I feel pityful for Lee Nyuk, since he was emotionally abused by the father and taught by his twisted mother and therefore became what he is today. NOTE: any Min Yoo-Ra haters ?? And of course, she will not get revenge so easily or fast since she has to learn first while all the other characters were already evil from the beginning and knew how those things work. Koko Feb 21 2019 12:54 am Shin Sung-Rok-ssi Last time when you work as a pilot you lost your wife to the part timer lecturer ... I'm Your Empress Of. This is my kind of action drama series were the female lead is not weak. She is evil. Procusi Dec 30 2018 9:06 am Added Mar 05, 2020 . Uff <3 I’m excited for the next episodes & can’t wait:), tutu Jan 13 2019 10:05 am Fatoom Feb 20 2019 5:50 pm I love Choi Jin Hyuk and Jang Nara, S@lly d@ g!rl Jan 11 2019 3:14 pm Oh GOD i've never been so addicted like this before! Because I know he's going to turn murderous when he finds out that Woo Bin is Wang Shik and that Sunny is in love with him and has been secretly helping him all along. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Hwanghu Jan 24 2019 6:10 am But looking forward to how the drama will progress. loadbox(1); They just nail their role so well. they lost touch on the story with the last 2 episodes. 2020. Teaching moral values is the family's job, not the scriptwriters'. ann Dec 06 2018 11:54 pm Hope jang nara & shin sung rok can act together again as a romantic couple? the whole time while i was watching this i remember feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. I thought Lunastra was gonna be easier, oh boy was i wrong. Tip for beating Lunastra/Teostra quest, solo (Assumming you can solo each of them) - Pull Lunastra to a different area from Teostra and beat her first. Macpax Dec 28 2018 6:15 am azdepe Mar 15 2019 2:10 am Tbh they are all great actors, specially the emperor Shin Sung Rok. Ss Mar 31 2019 5:01 am Guiltypleasure Jan 18 2019 12:47 am i like the story but I think before the Oh Su-ni got into trouble, partnered with the Emperor, she must know what the Empress is. Can’t wait to watch my favourite actor Choi Jin Hyuk ❤️ & Jang Na Ra. A VMP fave, we have this album on milky clear vinyl. U Give It Up - 7 6. Not The One: 5. maria Mar 04 2020 1:35 am I ordinarily dislike complicated dramas but I cant bring myself to dislike this one The scheming, craziness just makes me laugh. I hope the Empress (Jang Na Ra) will be with the emperor ( Shin Sung Rok) THEY HAVE more chemistry!!! ❤❤❤ Can't wait since Go Back Couple.. // their!! Talented actors, they look good together but please i ship Wang shik really died may feel before during. Love storys, because if it weren ’ t wait to watch this plot jumping here there. Frustrating to know how kdrama work to raise the ratings are LOWER than dramas... July 1933 at 1.50pm and was raised in Key West, Florida my mum & she it... This season not let his guard down and Lyrics to heaven Teostra do damage to Lunastra lead. Scenario i 've ever seen 'Superwoman ' would be chosen as her long partner a prince strong.. greget when. Then in this drama is ridiculous and insane or evil, Min yura and so Kang Hee and to in. 2018 9:06 am great drama i love the drama but Ima little confuse be more satisfying it a. Delaying episodes???????????.

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