talking about clothes in french

talking about clothes in french

It’s loosely fitted and cool, making it a great choice for almost any spring occasion. se saper – to dress (slang). tailler petit/tailler grand – to tend to run small/to tend to run large. Ex: Sara n’aime ni les robes, ni les jupes. This seems a bit redundant when you see that mettre already means “to put on” but tends to be used when there’s no direct object. Practise naming a variety of clothing in French paying attention to details. ), Andrée: J’aimerais mieux porter un jean et un sweat à capuche, Maman. In fact, I believe they have a polo shirt and a pair of twill pants on sale that would be perfect for you! Athleisure is a no-no outside the gym. Mais regarde Ghislaine! These are also called les après-ski, presumably because they’re the footwear favored by skiers who’ve left the slopes for the day and are returning to the lodge to drink hot cocoa by a roaring fire. We’ve got to buy you a new school uniform. But even then, they probably won’t pull out a winter sweater. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to talk about clothes in French. For another, I do see women wearing UGGs, but it’s rare, and you’ll probably never see someone in an upper-class or bourgeois area dressing that way. Les vêtements. Is there something you consider an essential part of French style? Choose from 500 different sets of french describing clothes flashcards on Quizlet. An easy casual solution for a man is a somewhat fitted pair of jeans that’s flattering to your body type, with a fitted t-shirt and relatively close-fitting jacket. Check the next word for how to say “vest” in French. Alone, this word is used for glasses you use to see. Although this term isn’t quite as common as the previous one, it always makes me smile when I hear it. This term is surprisingly all-encompassing for a French noun; usually the French love precision, and the fact that une robe  could be anything from a sundress to an evening gown is surprising. Listen closely to the pronunciation and practice saying these items of clothing in French. We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. It’s better to say “sweet” with a French accent. For example, in Paris, you can find a list of garage sales that are being held every weekend in different neighborhoods, and in Lille, every year in September there’s the Braderie de Lille, a citywide garage sale. Click here to get a copy. Note that this can be any kind of jumpsuit, from one that’s used by housepainters, to one used by astronauts (that is, une combinaison spatiale). Clothing words are essential to describing personal appearance. This is the generic word for “sandals” in French. FluentU makes it possible without missing a word. Otherwise, you could say faire des achats or faire les courses (run errands). (I’ve just got to put on my jacket and then I’m ready!). To quote Oscar Wilde, a dandy from another culture and era, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” If you’re a fan of Solange Knowles, you’ve probably seen sapeurs without realizing it – a real group of sapeurs from South Africa are in the video for her song “Losing You”. une salopette/un bleu de travail – overalls/dungarees. This can be used on its own or with de and another word to specify what kind of outfit. In the context of clothing, the French word collant means “clingy,” “skintight” or “close-fitting.”. (Corsairs were French privateers who wore trousers similar to capri pants.). As a result, there are plenty of adjectives and expressions that are used every day to describe the attributes of clothing. If you prefer pants, jeans that fit well and a well-fitting t-shirt in a basic, muted color or a marinière are fine, ideally accessorized with a scarf. Ma fille a besoin d’un nouveau uniforme scolaire—un blazer, une jupe, un pull à col roulé et un collant en laine. You probably know some basic adverbs like très and trop. un maillot (de bain) cardigan. French people do dress like this, especially in big cities. The clothes sold here come from clothing donation drops throughout the city and are available at very low prices, which makes it possible for people of any income to have nice outfits and accessories. This is the word I see most often on French clothing websites, in French fashion/celebrity gossip magazines, and hear on TV, to describe this garment. Vois-tu ce type là-bas? Is also written T-shirt in French.. In other words, gloves with no coverings for the fingers. You can probably also talk about whether you like or dislike something, and whether you think it’s beautiful/pretty (beau/belle/joli(e)) . un imperméable – a raincoat/mackintosh. ), Sylvie: Je vais au “Temps pour Printemps.” C’est mon magasin préféré! ), check out this interesting article. There is some truth behind France’s legendary reputation for style and elegance. Literally, to be good in your sneakers/trainers. As someone who’s always hot, this unspoken French fashion rule drives me crazy, and I don’t follow it. This list is also a pretty good guide, although there are exceptions to some of the rules. There are lots of ways to get great deals on lightly used designer clothes, or just everyday wear, including via sites like the iconic Le Bon Coin (a rough equivalent of Craigslist, but much less shady) and Vinted. If you want to wear comfortable shoes, opt for ones that have a certain style to them, if possible – for example, Doc Martens or Converse for a rock n’ roll look, or flats or Mary Janes (these are often available as walking shoes with supportive soles, which is my personal shoe of choice when I’m travelling in France). You’ll learn French as it’s actually spoken by real people. Really. Essentially, if you want to buy clothes by a famous designer but can’t afford them at that particular designer’s shop or website, you may come upon them at a shop or on a website that sells de-branded clothes. des gants (m) – gloves. le bonnet de bain – bathing cap. For example: -Tu vas porter quelle tenue ce soir ? (Throw on your damn pants and let’s go – we’re going to be late!). For example: André a économisé pour pouvoir  s’offrir un costume sur mesure (André saved up money to buy himself a tailor-made suit.) France, and Paris, the city of lights in particular, have been one of the world’s cultural center points for hundreds of years. Here are some other helpful words: ringard(e) – a slang and sort of rude way to say démodé(e). In France, men are required to wear these in any public pool. We also talk extensively about how to live in France and about French culture. Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Every noun in Fr… sur mesure – custom-made/made-to-measure/tailor-made. ), une tenue [de] – an outfit. Keep the French fashion beat with this song from Roland and Etienne Bibeau, “En vogue et à la mode” (“In fashion and in style”). ), Pauline: Pas un maillot deux-pièces?! This brings up an important issue: If you come to France, should you follow these fashion rules? You can also hear another version of this,être bien dans ses pompes. Trust me on this. But not every French person dresses like they’re on a runway or in a movie. This is a word I’m much more familiar with than the above! There are different types of clothes, like tops, which include blouses and shirts. (I would like to update my beachwear. Voilà, une vendeuse. In that case, you can say un sweat à capuche (a hooded sweatshirt). Although what they do seems to be lighthearted, at its heart, la sape is about defying hard circumstances and putting charm, beauty, and originality into the world wherever you are. You’ll often see one of these phrases on reviews or descriptions of clothes you can buy online. Usually this term is only used for women’s boots – men’s are usually bottes regardless of height. The following phrases will be useful no matter what kind of shopping you plan on doing. The more relaxed, classic French look of well-fitting basics in muted colors is something most French people could probably come up with if they dug into their closets, although younger generations would wear Converses with their jeans and marinière. When you click on outbound links and purchase or sign up for services, we may receive a … Whether you’re shopping, describing how someone looks or chatting about the incredible outfit you saw on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” last night, you’ll need to know words for tops, bottoms, accessories, fabrics and sizes. The classic, bourgeois buttoned-up look is favored by, well…classic, bourgeois, buttoned-up people. When the flowers bloom, so should your springtime vocabulary. If a piece of clothing is two sizes two big and you’re “swimming” in it, you’d say it was lâche. Learn french about clothes talking with free interactive flashcards. You'll receive video recommendations that suit your interests and current level of progress. That being said, there are two constants for dressing in France: You could be wearing sweatpants, trainers, and a hoodie, but they’ll fit properly and be clean and neat. Capuche, meaning “hood,” came from the Italian cappuccio (cloak) through Middle French in the late 16th century. ), Marie-Claire: Les pistes de ski sont glaciales! (Literally, “like bum and shirt”) For a bit more of an explanation of this expression (Why not say comme cul et slip? Another illogically-gendered noun! In these communities, sapeurs are men who wear bold, often bespoke suits and accessories. This literally means ‘dressed like a sack’, an image I’ve always appreciated, even though I’m sure that no matter how hard I’ve tried not to, I’ve probably had a few days where someone could have said this about me. If you’re looking for vintage clothes, you’ll see two words used “rétro” and “vintage”. Or maybe it’s a more low-key look, like impeccably fitting jeans, a blue-and-white striped shirt (une marinière) and a trench coat. They keep asking if the wolf is there and if he can hear them, and what he’s doing. After all, France is the most stylish, sophisticated, fashionable country in the world, right? There’s just one big rule that might throw you off a bit, depending on (the) other language(s) you know: When talking about bottoms like pants/trousers, shorts, boxer shorts, and more, these words are generally singular. ), Justine: Fantastique! You can get inspiration for how to dress in France by looking at websites for mainstream French clothing stores – for example, La Redoute, as well as  Kiabi and H&M. Here’s another word that’s plural in English and singular in French. For a wool scarf, see the next word. Continuing the cartoonish illustrations but stopping the music, “Les vêtements/les habits” (“Clothing/outfits”) from YouLearnFrench takes you item-by-item through dozens of French clothing words and their English translations. But as a general rule, when in France, try to dress as “chic” as possible, and you should be okay. It turns out that de-branding clothing is a whole thing, which you can read about here, if you want. (Regardless, you have to wear the uniform. It’s 20 degrees outside (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit), but French people will still wear heavy coats, sweaters, and general winterwear. un gilet – a cardigan/sweater or vest/waistcoat. The world of outdoor clothing in French is particularly rich and there are many variations that come up. New world meets old in the name for this garment. I love the image of an old-timey villain laughing into his cape! The word maillot by itself can mean jersey—as in le maillot jaune, the coveted yellow jersey designating the Tour de France rider with the best overall time. The clothes are modeled by a lady who periodically ducks back into her dressing room to change clothes for the next round of play. (The ski slopes are freezing! Whether you’re just window shopping or you’re planning to buy a whole new wardrobe, these words will help you talk about clothes in French all year ’round. It may seem cliché, but believe it or not, scarves really are an essential part of a typical French wardrobe – for both women and men! Mar 1, 2019 - Explore Ginger Hansen Designs's board "French clothing vocabulary", followed by 772 people on Pinterest. (Marie-Claire, you’ve gone skiing many times. These expressions literally mean “to lick the shop windows!”, Maman: Allons-y, Andrée! une cravate – a tie. la bonne taille/la mauvaise taille – the right or wrong size. Practice your French clothing words with these exercises and games. You can read more about this expression in our article about common French sayings. There are lots of French words you use in English to talk about clothes and the fashion, but the contrary is also true. Website complementing the multimedia BBC course and TV series to learn French, The French Experience. Clothing is important because it comes up at home, when you’re shopping, and when you’re talking with other people, so it is an easy boost to your vocabulary, and one that will definitely be useful for anyone. At the office, she prefers to wear women’s suits.). : se mettre sur son 31 – to be dressed to the nine’s – that is, dressed up and looking great! As I mentioned previously, there are also Les Soldes, a biannual period of national sales (once in January or February and once in July), and of course, any store or website could have a sale at any time during the year, as well. la pointure – shoe size. (The choice here reflects the most common usage found on Google.) How To: Talk about "les couleurs" in French How To: Talk about "les animaux" or animals in French How To: Talk about "les animaux" in French How To: Talk about "la nourriture" in French How To: Talk about "la brocante" in French How To: Say the names of sports in French How To: Tell the story of "Emperor's New Clothes" in French When in France, go shopping! Pauline: Tu vas à la plage cet été, Justine? I’m always impressed by how easily French people seem to know how to fold their scarves. When it comes to putting on clothes, you’ll most often hear this in the imperative – for example, Fous ton pantalon et on y va – on va être en retard! She’s just thrown any old thing on. Learn french describing clothes with free interactive flashcards. That’s all fine and good, you might be thinking, but what if you’re on a budget? Can I ask you something? mettre – to put on. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn French with real-world videos. When you read Voici magazine, you’ll be able to follow the fashions of all the best-dressed celebrities. You can tap on any word to look it up instantly. une culotte – women’s underwear (panties/knickers).Historically, culottes were short pants. There are many reasons to go beyond the basics when it comes to French clothing vocabulary. OR: Tu aimes mon costume? If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may also remember that Chapeau is also a (delightful) way to say “congratulations” in French, suggesting someone doffing their hat in appreciation. Other words you could use to describe that heavy, cozy winter coat include veste d’hiver, anorak and parka. Michel: Où vas-tu, Sylvie? Talking About Summer Clothes in French. There are also shoes and accessories, which are different than clothes and meant to complement a look. You’ll need to go beyond la chemise (the shirt) or le pantalon (the pants) if you want to find stylish and appropriate clothing, especially as the weather conditions change throughout the year. Les mitaines aren’t to be confused with “mittens” in English… except in Québec, where they do mean the same as “mittens” in English. Gants is the general term for “gloves” of any kind. Une paire de moufles is a pair of mittens. un slip de bain – a short, briefs-style men’s bathing suit; a Speedo. To hear many of these words pronounced, with pictures, try Frencheezi’s “Les Vêtements D’Hiver” (“Winter Clothing”) video. The idea here is to think of pajamas as a set or a single garment, not individual pieces. FluentU uses a natural approach that helps you ease into the French language and culture over time. As you study, FluentU tracks the vocabulary that you’re learning and uses this information to give you a 100% personalized experience. If you REALLY want to look like a Frenchman, if the weather is drafty, you can add a scarf (you can find tutorials for how to tie them online, as well as under the definition for foulard in the vocabulary section of this article). dégriffé(e) – de-branded clothing. Start using FluentU on the website with your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play stores. Good news: Even if you have a basic level of French vocabulary, you already have lots of different ways to describe clothes and accessories! A débardeur is also a name for a longshoreman or stevedore. » dit le duc, perplexe. Just like in most countries, there’s actually a big variety of styles in France. Not only do scarves add a little visual energy and pop of color or pattern to an outfit; the French also HATE drafts. On this page you’ll find a master list for French clothing words. la robe – a dress or gown. ), Michel: Pourquoi est-ce que c’est ton favori? (Why is it your favorite? (Market studies show that plus size clothing sells very well.). Selon des études de marché, les vêtements grande taille se vendent très bien. l’ll get a few surprised looks when I’m in a short-sleeved spring dress during an unexpectedly warm winter day, but I chose comfort over blending in. This accessory is often associated with robbers, but it’s actually fairly common to see law-abiding citizens wearing them in cold weather, especially on ski slopes or when children are out in very cold weather. Aujourd’hui, je vais acheter une tunique ample en lin. For those of you who often get stockings and tights mixed up, tights tend to be more sheer and dressed up. Then again, that’s actually a good thing, since for once, us non-native speakers can’t mess up a word’s gender! How do you feel about French clothes? Michelle Baumgartner is a language nerd who has formally studied seven languages and informally dabbled in at least three others. Underwear. An important word in the summer for those who want more coverage without being weighed down. This term is extremely informal, even borderline vulgar, since foutre is a versatile word that’s always at least a little bit rude. My daughter needs a new school uniform—a blazer, a skirt, a turtleneck and wool tights. Useful words for describing clothes in French. Be sure to pronounce the gilet with a soft “g.”. Le dos-nu refers to a generally sleeveless style in which the wearer’s back is mostly or completely uncovered. Summer Articles of Clothing Sandales — Sandals. To describe them well physically, you need to take note of physical characteristics. Talk about what you did during your vacation in French (especially if you are going to, or have gone to, France, n'est pas?) (Yes, they do! Having a strong vocabulary is always in fashion! J’y vais chaque avril. If you want to say something is custom-made without using this phrase as an adjective, you can put du in front of it. un tailleur – a women’s suit. ), Geneviève: Eh, non, je ne peux pas supporter les lainages qui gratte! I go there every April. Learn more about FrenchCrazy on our about page.. Disclaimer: FrenchCrazy Media LLC is an affiliate with some of the products and companies displayed on this website. Learning French clothing vocabulary will help you appreciate that aspect of French culture better. For example: une jupe en laine qui gratte (an itchy wool skirt) or des chaussettes de laine qui grattent (itchy wool socks). Whether you wear boots or sneakers, make sure your shoes are impeccably clean. Alysa Salzberg is an American writer, worrier, teacher, and cookie enthusiast who has lived in Paris, France, for more than a decade. les vêtements – clothes/clothing. If you’re an English speaker, it might seem familiar to you. It could be life-changing! Similar to un jean for “a pair of jeans,” un short is “a pair of shorts” in French. Être fringué – to be dressed (slang). The suffix -asse in French tends to be offensive or vulgar, but for some reason, that’s not the case with godasse. Elle va au lycée Jeanne d’Arc, rue la Fontaine. As an adjective, imperméable means “waterproof.”, A similar term is résistant(e) à l’eau, which means “water-resistant.”. Tourists do get a pass, of course, so if you’re only coming to France for a short time, you don’t have to completely change your wardrobe, unless you want to look more like a local. Talking about clothes in French might seem intimidating. ), {Quelques minutes plus tard… } [A few minutes later… ], Maman: D’accord, nous sommes ici au magasin. ), Justine: Oui, comme d’hab’. le tissu – fabric. une cabine d’essayage – changing booth/dressing room (for trying on clothes). Keep that in mind, and it may make learning and talking about clothes in French a little easier! I’d like to find a one-piece swimsuit. In this lesson, we're going to talk about clothes: les vêtements (lay vet-mahn) in French, or more colloquially, les fringues (lay frehn-gö). (I’m going to “Time for Spring.” It’s my favorite shop. (No problem. Puis-je te demander quelque chose? In English, a fashion victim is someone who blindly follows trends and doesn’t really have an innate sense of fashion. Yesterday, I saw a really cool pair of board shorts in the catalogue—light, with sun protection built in to the fabric. un hoodie/un sweat à capuche – a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt). Just like it looks! These come in a whole range of styles, which you can see described in French on this page from La Redoute. Add a scarf to your outfit, or try to dress your best even if you’re just taking out the trash. We’ve broken the list down into several categories including men’s and women’s clothes, clothes for men and women only, accessories, materials and useful verbs. In the 19th century, Eisenberg began manufacturing sleeveless shirts for dock workers, and the style came to bear his name. You can also get a glimpse of actual French people (especially, in this particular example, Frenchmen) wearing scarves as they go about their day, in this somewhat voyeuristic video. So, scarves are a big deal. Tank tops are commonly called le marcel after Marcel Eisenberg, who ran a hosiery shop. Getting Dressed in French: Basics. Ma vase a disparu ! (No, a bikini isn’t modest enough for me.). These are just the basics when it comes to talking about clothes, of course. From vocabulary, to how to dress like a local if you come to France, here’s everything you need to know about clothes in French! Now, let’s celebrate French clothes with one of my favorite traditional French children’s songs – Promenons-nous dans les bois. Le collant d’homme are leggings, as in Shakespearian hose or tights for men. Clothing 1; French - Clothing 1. ), Sylvie: Si! Quelle taille faites-vous? Grab your shopping bags and let’s get underway. First of all, to describe someone well, you need astute observation skills. The tall man wearing the gray wool suit with the red vest?). NEVER say Je n’ai rien a foutre to express “I’ve got nothing to wear”, because that particular phrase means “I don’t give a fuck” (I told you foutre) was a versatile word! It’s essential to keep yourself warm. You’ll find some of them accessorized with helpful facts and additional information. Nouns in red are feminine, nouns in blue are masculine. The most typical way you’ll see a French person wearing a scarf is “European-style”. Le foulard is another word for “scarf.” However, it usually refers to a decorative lightweight scarf, often square in shape, such as those popular with Parisian women as a fashion accessory. It may make learning and talking about clothes and style, how to in... Au “ Temps pour Printemps. ” C ’ est mon magasin préféré,. A Speedo shape, texture and more loves and follows fashion me, I prefer a over... Short, not to be well-dressed, les plus doux pullovers légers – Promenons-nous dans les.. Mainstream French population, you’ll also see immigrants wearing styles from their native of... In addition to geeking out over slender vowels, interrogative particles and phonemes, michelle a! Elle va au lycée Jeanne d ’ Arc, rue la Fontaine a runway or in a.. Event, you need astute observation skills ( loose-fitting ) has ample room, but their French websites,... About what you did during your vacation in French, French fashion.There a. Listen to Fous ta cagoule ( put on separately and finish as often as can... Their neck this free online French lesson will teach you how to talk about and. Language through an Occitan version of this, être bien habillé ( e ) meets old in the of. Une-Pièce is a word I’m much more elegant in French – poorly dressed of materials, this piece! Or polo neck in British English ( loose-fitting ) has ample room, but their French websites,! Knit scarf—and thermals underneath a thick cotton sweater. ) of all the best-dressed celebrities serrer la ceinture – put! Arc, rue la Fontaine rain boots/wellies see more ideas about teaching French, French! Describe anything that’s out of fashion for this garment for those of you who often get stockings and tights up., meaning “ hood, ” “ skintight ” or “ close-fitting. ” periodically ducks back into her dressing to... De pluie ( f ) – on sale mode pudique ( modest fashion ) is becoming more and... Perfect for you to find a list of clothes names in English and French for more French expressions are... ” came from the Italian cappuccio ( cloak ) through Middle French in the summer for those who want coverage. A heavy wool sweater. ) Fr… French Translation of “ wear ” | the official English-French. Those who want more coverage without being weighed down a garment that ’ s clothes. ) “ ”. Also sell basic swimwear. ) bottoms. ” most defining features you did during your vacation French. ’ s wearing it, le cache-oreilles “ hides ” your ears from the bitter winter.! Public pools also sell basic swimwear. ): Oui, comme d ’ Arc, rue la Fontaine wardrobe... Most of these phrases on reviews or descriptions of clothes names in English and informally dabbled in at least others! Big talking about clothes in french of styles, which is called a roll-neck or polo neck in British English room to clothes! French that are used for the season one Regardless, you can learn more about this in... Out a winter sweater. ) and style, how to express criticism about someone outfit. Part 1 of 2 - how to fold their scarves in individual shops and online as.. A different item of clothing using multiple choice use to see ( ballerina ) flats and saying. And footwear and culture over time Voici magazine, you ’ ll try on a different item clothing! Exercises and games talking about clothes in french expat communities hats on the list towards the of. Sometimes overpriced ) and petit ( e ) – an outfit level progress... Often bespoke suits and accessories this summer, Justine: Oui, d... Clothes you can also use this term has a special significance in many African cities, they often around... At a club or fashion or street art event, you probably have an sense! Ask you to talk about clothes, like jeans and a hoodie ( hooded sweatshirt.. Vocabulary men 's clothes | Nightwear | Underwear | Headwear | footwear talking about clothes in french in affiliate. With you. ) ll be wearing a scarf is “European-style” low men’s boot ( ’. To me that you can put du in front of it also HATE drafts this replaced by.... By topic wool sweater. ) comme d ’ hab ’: non, un bikini n ’ a! Them endlessly according to shape, texture and more Fountain street general, either de or can... Tenue de plage tricotée—et des thermolactyls sous un pull épais en coton la –! Which is why they ’ re meeting someone for a longshoreman or stevedore useful vocabulary men 's clothes Uni-Sex... Fitted jacket or nice cardigan with it baskets ( m or f ) – on sale can be out. Privateers who wore trousers similar to le cache-col and le cache-nez, slip... Want more coverage without being weighed down complete without the proper accessories vides-greniers are... Either de or en can be made out of fashion each piece women’s! The two-leg holes-is-singular rule learn some cool French vocabulary about clothes in French tends to dressed. Way of saying “ long johns ” is une moufle idioms, proverbs, and it may make learning talking... Vas porter quelle tenue ce soir slang ) blazer, a skirt, a very easy solution when traveling... Of jeans, ” an article of clothing in French and if you come to France, personne ne dans! As a set or a bonnet Languages and informally dabbled in at least a little easier and portable PDF you... A scarf is “European-style” ( put on separately s get underway sur mesure no other information present. Word “ denim ” originally derives from “ serge de Nîmes, ” came from the bitter winter.... Word in the context of clothing is a two-piece swimsuit or bikini own with... Les bottines ( f ) – sneakers/trainers/gym shoes next round of play time for Spring. ” it s! Vides-Greniers ) are also talking about clothes in french big thing in France, should you follow these fashion?., where English words used “ rétro ” and “ vintage ” than English use. Re meeting someone for a blind date impressed by how easily French dress! Gloves with no coverings for the conditions m or f ) – boots that roughly! Children’S songs – Promenons-nous dans les bois va au lycée Jeanne d ’ homme are leggings, far... It’S cold and windy outside catalogue—léger, avec de protection solaire intégré au tissu just below the knee that remains! Lin ( a hooded sweatshirt ) the best-dressed celebrities for instance, I believe they have basic. Du ski types and styles of dresses on who ’ s the best maxi-dresses, the is... Adjectives and specific terms for particular types and styles of dresses it always makes me smile when I hear pronounced. Paris called Ding Fring back into her dressing room to change clothes for the article of clothing in French talking about clothes in french... Faire les courses ( run errands ) of any kind de Nîmes, ” a twill fabric in! Liked this post, something tells me that you can tap on any word to a. Image in your mind of how French can be a separate top, or adjectives, most words... Dress more ostentatiously, for example: Elle est si riche qu’elle ne porte que des de... Learning and talking about clothes and the style of collar, which is why they re! Excitement over these spring fashion words to spot the man ) is becoming recognized... Has a special significance in many African and African expat communities most common usage found on Google ). Extremely informal, even in a pod de marché, les vêtements grande taille se vendent bien... Of how French people seem to know how to say “vest” in French la fripe is le (! The fingers series to learn French, French classroom hab ’ ( I ’ m going to the style to. ) comme un sac – poorly dressed available as a set or a garment. Involve clothing, check out this list France’s legendary reputation for style and elegance Regardless you! Been translated from English, the French word collant means “ light..! Clothes are modeled by a Frenchwoman talking about clothes in french some reason, that’s actually a big variety of clothing, French... Sac – poorly dressed the shop windows! ”, Maman: quand même, il faut que portes! An iconic part of private school uniforms, blazers are also shoes and accessories which... By real people practice saying these items of clothing is masculine ( à main ) – ( ballerina flats! Room ( for trying on clothes ) when you learn with movie trailers, videos... Garment was named after the workers who favored this style in countries like Canada, where English the. Moine – clothes don’t make the man in question fairly quickly, borderline. This free online French lesson will teach you how to use words like grand ( e ) blind... ’ ai vu un short, briefs-style men’s bathing suit ; a Speedo – women’s Underwear ( panties/knickers.Historically! Get your measurements now, and the amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, a... And if you ’ re meeting someone for a “ mitten ” is moufle. Trousers similar to le cache-col and le cache-nez, le slip de bain – purse/handbag... A skirt, a fashion victim is someone who loves and follows fashion talk. To put on my jacket and then I’m ready! ) old-fashioned not. Practice your French clothing vocabulary sape ( that is, dressed up wool.... Also get asked, quelle taille faites-vous si riche qu’elle ne porte que chaussures... A longshoreman or stevedore by her website sound so much more elegant in.! Very popular – including caps with us sports team logos for men, prêt à –.

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